Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spur of the moment

So I bought these shoes over the weekend.

What can I say? I was feeling a little saucy.

I think I was on a mental high from all of the clothes I tried on. I was in search of something new (nothing around here fits me too well these days) and can I just say, it was actually fun to try on clothes for a change! Anyway, I was looking for something to wear to The Lott's anniversary party (owners, Charlie Uniform Tango) - a party that we happen to be making a very fancy cake for and I decided that I'd go out on a whim and buy some shoes that I wouldn't normally.

Love the shape, love the height -- the colors are a little out there for me. Still, they look good on and they go with what I bought to wear nicely. I'm still nervous about wearing them. I'm pretty fashion forward when it comes to clothing and I'm all about trying different things but I'm also the kind of girl who has a pair of black heels, a pair of black boots, and a pair of black flip flops.

What do you guys think? Too much or okay?

And yes, they are from Jessica Simpson's line. I'm not a huge fan of the girl but I do like her shoes.

Oh, and I guess it's been decided that Rylee will be going with us this year on the annual ski/snowboarding trip. We were in Sun and Ski Sports this weekend, they were having their annual clearance (of last years line) and we found the cutest little ski suit and goggles for the girl. We got $120 worth of clothes for $35. Can't beat that!


Desiree said...

Nice shoes. What does your outfit look like?

Michelle said...

IMO, the shoes are the best part of an outfit. Those are cute!

Steph said...


I'm wearing these really cute grey capri slacks, a white blouse that ties below the neckline and a black pin striped vest (girl vest, not boy). I got it all from White House/Black Market (LOVE THAT STORE). I thought the red would make the whole thing pop a little but now I think they might be a little too "dorthy gale-ish." Hmm, oh well. I suppose I can always take my trusty black heels with me just in case.


I just recently started getting into shoes! It can be addicting!