Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well, a belated Merry Christmas anyway.

We just rolled back into town about an hour and a half ago, from Austin. We had a pretty good trip and came back with much more than we left with, of course!

What did I get for Christmas this year?

An iPod touch (woo!)
A ton of clothes that I picked out with Rodney about a month ago
An electric stick/vac
A screen protector/case for my new iPod
The little glass trees I wanted from Target
The thermal carafe that I asked for
A large white platter
This wreath that I had been wanting for quite some time
This food chopper
Some solar lights for the walk-way up to the house
A gift card to The Gap
A very generous gift card to Target
A safe
An awesome Rolodex
A large glass pitcher
A wreath box

and many other things as well. I got so much stuff! And everything that I received were things that I wanted/asked for!

Rylee and Rodney also got quite a bit! Now we just have to find room for it all!

We took Clifford to the Ikea in Austin today, before we came home. He'd never been before - he ended up purchasing a new bed, a new duvet and comforter. We couldn't bring the bed back with us because we didn't have any room left in our car but my grandmother is bringing it with her when she comes to watch Rylee in a few weeks.

We're off to bed! I definitely need the rest so that I can get started on some party prep, it's going to be a long couple of days!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Who Is It?

Okay, so I haven't posted in a while.

In my own defense, I was VERY sick last week. There's a terrible cold going around and I definitely had it. Might have been the worst cold I have ever had. Rylee was sick too but we're on the upswing currently. We both still have some congestion in our heads but things are looking up.

Saturday evening (thank goodness) I felt well enough to attend the Tango Christmas party with my husband. It was held at Fuse this year. Cocktail hour on the roof top (pool side during the winter, thankfully we were in a heated tent!) and then it was on to our room for dinner. We watched the Christmas video during dinner. Every year they make a Christmas video with a bunch of different skits and funny little "episodes." Rylee was asked to be in it this year. I had to take her up there last week (whilst sick) and coax her into saying different thing with M&M's. She did really well and her part was HILARIOUS. As soon as I figure out how to make this dvd into a quicktime, I'll post it here.

Rod & Steph just before dinner

Our table.

Deed & 8 months preggo Marissa

I choose the salmon for dinner and honestly, I wasn't that impressed. It seemed to be lacking something, there were no sides accompanying it and mine seemed to be a bit cold. I did enjoy my dessert choice though. I had french toast with sugar roasted pecans and tahitian vanilla ice cream. It was pretty delicious. I also enjoyed the plethora of alcohol we were served. That's always an extra special treat at the Tango Christmas parties.

Sunday we got up and headed out to Ikea to return an easel and pick up a few other things. I got some black and white napkins for the party, a serving dish, some dark brown cones (decorative) and we also bought a new chandelier for the entry way and a new fixture for the hall.


Super glad we got around to replacing that, the old one was awful.

We also did a little party decorating as well. I'm trying to get as much as I can get done in advance in possible. We hung pretty snowflakes from our ceiling and cleaned up the garage. We've turned it into a "lounge" area.

I purchased a few really great items from some Etsy shops recently that I'm dying to share with everyone. Can't do it just yet though, I wouldn't want to spoil the surprises!

I'm ALMOST done with my wrapping. I just have one gift to wrap for Rylee (the biggest one) and a few of Rodney's! I love wrapping presents though so I'll be sad when I am finished!

Hope to be back with the quicktime soon!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Party all the time


I have never been to so many parties in one weekend. And I used to hang around a lot of bands too, which is saying quite a bit.

I can hardly believe I am sitting here and that I made it through this week. I had a ton of cake orders this week, pretty hard orders in fact. They were all really fun to make but I have to say that I was a little bit stressed on Friday when I was trying to get it all done.

All of the parties we attended on Saturday were lovely. My compliments to all of the hosts.

My head is going crazy with my own party prep right now. Feels like I just finished throwing a party. Oh yeah, I did! I really can't wait to delve into this particular party though. My co-hosts and I have some pretty nifty and cool ideas, ideas which I will definitely post about once we get going.

Jess came over today and after I finished my fifth order for the week, we headed off to go shopping. That Jessica's a good egg. We had lots of fun. Sort of reminded me of the days when there was less responsibility, less bills and less kid. We literally used to go shopping once a week, if not more back in the day. Today we went to Grapevine Mills to hit up Forever 21, The Gap, Banana Republic and Steve & Barry's. Afterwards we enjoyed some delicious Chili's (thanks Jess!) then it was off to Old Navy and lastly Target. I did a little Christmas shopping for the boy and picked up a pair of cute tights (for our NYE party) at Banana Republic for myself.

We got our family photos back this week and they came out pretty great! We should be finishing them up tomorrow night hopefully.

I also received my "big" Christmas gift from Rodney on Friday. He just couldn't wait anymore.

Speaking of him, he has tried for hours to beat my score on "When You Were Young" and "Ruby" on guitar hero and it's just not happening. It really makes him mad and it's incredibly funny.

More tomorrow!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Busy Bees

This week begins a month of a whole lotta busy for us.

I've got an order due Thursday and two due on Saturday. The same Saturday that has us going to three different parties.

Have you guys checked out Dropps? I'd heard of them before but recently decided to give them a shot after seeing Design Mom's post about them last week.

I've done a load or two and I have to say, these are great! No dripping detergent, no huge boxes taking up space in the laundry room... just easy to use packets that you just toss in the washing machine! They're offering a free trial rebate right now so it's the perfect time to give them a try!

I was able to get the tree up this week, I'm very happy with the way it came out. I thought about changing my color theme this year but changed my mind when I saw these:

at Crate and Barrel and I decided to keep my silver/red ornaments for another year or two. We have a much bigger tree this year, I needed some more ornaments anyway!

We're doing the artificial tree thing around here. We talked about doing a real tree but with a toddler running around the amount of orders I'm getting for Christmas, I don't really have the time for the upkeep. Plus, artificial trees are better for the environment anyway. Leaving the real trees where they are. Just tryin' do my part.

We went to Celebrate Colleyville this weekend and it was a blast. It's a little get together that the city has that's free for everyone with tons of stuff to do. They had 4 bounce houses, an enormous inflatable slide, pony rides, bungee jumping, dog shows, you name it. We left no stone unturned.

She might be the youngest bungee jumper (okay, so it was bungee trampolining but still) ever. She didn't want the girl to hold the rope, she wanted to do it on her own.

What a fun afternoon!