Saturday, October 18, 2008

So Come on

As much as I hate to admit it, I really love the newly acquired apple product here at the DeMeglio household.

A few months ago Rodney was pretty persistent about getting a mac mini to hook up to the tv. He said it would be great because we could use our iPhones to control iTunes from anywhere in the house and we could also use our iPhones to control movies on the hard drive. His main argument was that it would be super easy for me to just turn a movie on for Rylee from anywhere I happened to be in the house.

I was skeptical. Do we really need this? We already have so many little gadgets around here, was this one really necessary? We both have laptops, iPhones, we have a desktop computer in the office, several iPods, playstation this and nintendo that's...why on earth did we need this?

Anyway, I caved and we the new little computer is sitting nicely underneath the tv.

I kind-of love it.

As I sit here watching every single cake I've ever made pop up on the screen, listening to The Shins, I admit to myself that I love it. I use it frequently. It's especially nice when I am working in the kitchen, on a day like today.

Shh, don't tell Rodney.

Oh, lately he's campaigning for a wireless keyboard/mouse.


*I promise more of an updated post later. We went to the fair, dressed Rylee up like a Geisha and took 3 year old pictures this week!


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