Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I said I would update...

And I am!

Hooray me.

Today Rylee and I went to Target with no real agenda. I mean, I had to pick a few things up from the green side but I had some time to walk around and look at some stuff too.

If anyone out there has a small baby girl that likes to dress up like a princess, the dollar spot has some good stuff right now. I got Rylee a pair of princess shoes FOR A DOLLAR. They also have crowns, wands, tutu's, skirts and big tall hats to chose from. She's worn the shoes the entire day. I might have thought about how the clickclicketyclick was going to sound as she runs all over the hardwoods, but I suppose my mommy-sense (similar to spidey-sense but without the whole sensing evil thing) escaped me for the hour that we were there.

Anyway, yay for cheap toys that entertain your child while driving you mad!

Also at Target - Globar Bazaar. Some of it anyway. I noticed that they were bringing some of the stuff out over last week and today it looked like they might be putting out the rest. Seems like a lot more than usual. There's all sorts of new bathroom stuff, including shampoo/conditioner and other various hygiene products. There's sooooo much that I love this year. Here's to waiting it out until it all goes on clearance!

(not everything is up on the website just yet which is why there are no pictures. pictures soon!)

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Gossip Girl said...

I got lots of dress up stuff for Sofia from the dollar spot too.I put it away for her birthday, in one week! (sob,sob)

Going to Target with no agenda is always dangerous!