Sunday, December 9, 2007

Party all the time


I have never been to so many parties in one weekend. And I used to hang around a lot of bands too, which is saying quite a bit.

I can hardly believe I am sitting here and that I made it through this week. I had a ton of cake orders this week, pretty hard orders in fact. They were all really fun to make but I have to say that I was a little bit stressed on Friday when I was trying to get it all done.

All of the parties we attended on Saturday were lovely. My compliments to all of the hosts.

My head is going crazy with my own party prep right now. Feels like I just finished throwing a party. Oh yeah, I did! I really can't wait to delve into this particular party though. My co-hosts and I have some pretty nifty and cool ideas, ideas which I will definitely post about once we get going.

Jess came over today and after I finished my fifth order for the week, we headed off to go shopping. That Jessica's a good egg. We had lots of fun. Sort of reminded me of the days when there was less responsibility, less bills and less kid. We literally used to go shopping once a week, if not more back in the day. Today we went to Grapevine Mills to hit up Forever 21, The Gap, Banana Republic and Steve & Barry's. Afterwards we enjoyed some delicious Chili's (thanks Jess!) then it was off to Old Navy and lastly Target. I did a little Christmas shopping for the boy and picked up a pair of cute tights (for our NYE party) at Banana Republic for myself.

We got our family photos back this week and they came out pretty great! We should be finishing them up tomorrow night hopefully.

I also received my "big" Christmas gift from Rodney on Friday. He just couldn't wait anymore.

Speaking of him, he has tried for hours to beat my score on "When You Were Young" and "Ruby" on guitar hero and it's just not happening. It really makes him mad and it's incredibly funny.

More tomorrow!

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Krista B said...

NYE = New Year's Eve?