Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gone but not forgotten


I had this big post all typed out and ready to go - all I needed to do was add a few pictures I'd be done.

Just a few pictures

That's when Safari decided to play a little joke on me and crash.


an unexpected error has caused safari to close

What unexpected error was caused by updating my blog!?!?!

Anyway, no long update today. Short and sweet. Mostly pictures.

Here are a few that were taken at the Lott's Anniversary party at the Dallas Arboretum...

Some shots of the cake once it was on (finally) the table):

Some exterior shots of the grounds:

Rodney's in the background work, work, working:

I regret that I didn't get as many interior shots or shots during the party that I would have liked. I think I was just so relieved to get there with the cake in one piece and without any major casualties that the rest of the night just sort of floated away from me.

Rodney did manage to get this shot of me and Amy P though:

That was a very fun night and everyone loved the cake. I'm pretty sure there were people that had 4 or 5 pieces! A few of the boys nicknamed the cake "lemon dream." Super cute.

After the party wrapped around 12 we decided to go out to the Arcadia bar with a few people. It was a pretty big deal because ever since Rylee was born, we don't do after parties as often and everyone is always giving us grief about it. We let Rylee stay the night with my in-laws and everyone knew that so ... we had no excuse. It was actually a lot of fun though. And so weird to be back on Gaston! I don't think I have been back on Gaston since we moved out of that apartment (the one that looked like Melrose Place) when I was nearly 7 months pregnant. But seriously, being back in the Lakewood neighborhood brought back some SERIOUS memories.

Last week brought two trips to the AAC. The second of which was for the Tom Petty concert. Charlie Tango rented out a suite for the evening so we partied in style that night. We had some really great food and the entertainment was wonderful, of course!

Pictures from the suite:

This picture is funny because Deedle neither drinks nor acts like this anywhere!


Campos (hamming it up), Nicole and Russell, Charlie Tango employees extraordinaire!

From the back of the suite

Me, eating a carrot (in hand)

Tom Petty SOOOOOO played a Traveling Wilbury's song. It was the highlight of my year so far. Absolute all time BEST supergroup there ever was or will be. Most people don't know of them oddly enough - Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan!! Anyway, he played "Heading For the Light" and it was AWESOME.

We had a great time and everyone seemed to love the suite. Hopefully they will make good on getting one for the year!

I thought this was going to be a short post but it's turning out to be pretty long - last half of the update coming soon.



Holly said...

1. I opened a piece of mail at work recently from an address on Gaston. Made me miss that pool area, so pretty.

2. The sequel of this post better have some David Cook in it.

Desiree said...

You are so photogenic. You always look so great in every picture I've seen you in!