Monday, January 5, 2009



2008 flew by me. I mean, seriously. I think 2008 is the year that I will never remember because it went by so quickly. Some good stuff happened in 2008, some bad stuff too but all in all, I'm glad that it's 2009. I seem to do better in odd years.

Some notable moments for me in 2008:

* annual snowboarding trip in January
* making over 100 cakes!
* making new friends
* figuring out that some people in my life, will always be in my life (Jess xoxo)
* making my first, second, third and fourth wedding cakes for actual people!
* driving Amy and Tyler's wedding cake to Las Vegas, finishing their cake in our hotel room and spending 4 days in Sin City!
* giving my first cake decorating series out of my house
* celebrating Rylee's 3rd birthday and our 3rd anniversary
* getting a little internet recognition for some of my cakes
* the Presidential election

Now I'm looking forward to this year's snowboarding trip. Rylee's first trip with us to Colorado. Crazy!

I'm also looking forward to updating this blog on a more often basis. I used to update regularly but the need for cake in the last 4 months of the year was crazy for us! It's been great, we have learned so much from all of the new projects and tasks we've taken on, but we've definitely had to sacrifice some things. Sleep and time together being two of the biggest I can think of.

Anyway, I've resolved to condense things in our life in the new year. Of course, I'm not talking about cakes. We happily take on all that come our way but in order for us to do that, we really have to let go of some other things. I think I've begun that process. I've decided to not renew Rylee in swimming for the spring. She go through January and then we'll take a break. We might come back in the summer, but I need to see if we can focus on one thing at a time. She's got ballet and with school, I think that's enough for now.

I'm also starting to come up with the outline/curriculum for my next class. I'm trying to decide if I should do a continuation of the last class with a focus on specific techniques (the last class was a brief overview of basic cake decorating) or if I should focus on one technique and make each specific technique into a class itself. Or, maybe I should do a basic dessert class. A class that teaches people how to make elegant pieces or passed desserts. I don't know. Is there anyone out there that has an opinion?

As for any other New Years Resolutions (I suppose the condensing of things in our lives counts as a resolutions, right?), I imagine losing the last 15 pounds to get to my goal weight would be it. I've lost 45 pounds (I started losing in July) and since the last two weeks of November, I haven't lost any. Holidays are hard and my grandmothers house is like my kryptonite. Anyway, 15 more pounds and Rodney says I'm due for a tummy tuck. Remember when you promised that husband? A tummy tuck sounds extreme, I know, but no matter what you do and unless you have a staff of people to make you beautiful, you just aren't losing that little pouch after a c-section.

In closing, please enjoy some pictures from our trip to ICE! at The Gaylord.

And Rylee.


Gossip Girl said...

omg, that last pic of rylee is freaking adorable!

i think you should do a class on desert making. yummo.

i "installed" google analytics. we will see if i did it right in 24 hours.

luv you.

Jessica said...

It took you 11 years to figure out you couldn't get rid of me? Sounds like somebody lost their thinking cap for awhile there! Haha. ;)