Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Busy Little Bees

We've been hard at work on the house. At least, I feel like we've been hard at work. For the last 4 days we've had to so much to do during each day that we haven't even gotten to the house until 6 or later. The days and hours just keep passing us by.

Progress has been made so all is not lost. We had to go to Ikea yesterday to get another suspension rail because we somehow managed to miss the fact that we needed two. That trip blew. Fortunately we did happen to see The Shipmans out there. That was a pleasant surprise. They came over after their shopping trip and the boys hung a few things. It was nice to have them over.

Today we got up and went to look at tile. Our trip was brought to a screeching halt when we realized that what we wanted to do with our backsplash (all 16 feet of it) was going to cost us a fortune. Things just weren't going our way today at the MANY tile stores we visited. We finally decided that we wanted to get a different counter top for the sink side of the kitchen. This meant ANOTHER trip to Ikea. I just can't believe we've had to go out there so many times lately.

This trip was pretty successful. We exchanged our countertop for another and proceeded to stroll through the "as is/clearance" section of the store, near the checkout lanes. I found this awesome chair.

Retail Price: $59.99
Awesome Price Stephanie Paid: $4.50

Can I get "woot woot?" ( I watch entirely too much Shrek)

Rodney stumbled upon a very large cart of shelves/random wood pieces/table tops/drawers/cabinet doors/bed frames that said only, "as is: $19.50" I noticed that there were at least 4 headboard/footboards in the pack, including two that are toddler/youth beds that I love so we snatched that enormous cart right up.

It started raining so we had to make sure everything was wrapped really well and covered with a tarp. I guess we didn't do that good of a job - most things were wet when we got back. No big deal though, I just wiped them all down with some paper towels.

While we were unpacking all of the "as is" items we bought, I noticed that there is an entire canopy bed, two toddler beds and a day bed. There's also a dresser and some other random things. Now all we have to do is figure out how to put it all together. As if we don't have enough to do!

Rylee is a big help.

Sometimes anyway, ha.

Seriously though, steal of the century on the chair.

Oh! We did get some tile for the backsplash and I'm pretty happy with the choice I made.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about snowboarding. It's all I want to do for some reason (besides finish the house and get moved in) Last year's trip was fun but clouded by Rodney's shoulder injury the first day. I want to go now!

That's me!

Clifford, me, Amy

I can't wait to blog about our remodel. I have lots of pictures but I'm totally waiting until we are done!

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Jessica said...

Wow, and there's nothing wrong with any of that stuff? That's some awesome deals!