Monday, September 10, 2007

The Finish line

It's been a crazy week.

We're not done. It's close but not close enough.

A few appliances are in (including the fridge which was the most exciting part of the week) but we still have a lot of work to do.

What we accomplished in the week Rodney was off:

Marked the walls
Put all cabinets together, squared and plum.
Went to Ikea 3 times
Installed all of the back wall cabinets (there are 7)
Cut the dish rack in half and installed it
Put in the counter top on the back wall and got it cut for sink installation
Installed sink
Partially installed faucet
Installed/re-did plumbing and new garbage disposal
Tiled the backsplash (thanks dad!)
Installed the under-cabinet lights
Installed the wire baskets that go inside one cabinet and the tall pantry (7 baskets total, screwed in by hand = stephanie in pain)
Put the dishwasher back in
Cut and added filler pieces on the back wall
Installed the brand spankin' new fridge (best part)
Installed the floating cabinets over the stove island, including the cab for the microhood
Installed the cabinet for my work station
Changed out outlet/outlet covers throughout entire house from almond to a lovely white.

What's left:
Change out light fixtures in the kitchen
Finish installing faucet (tonight)
Install handles/knobs throughout
Install floor cabinets and stove in island area
Cut out counter top for island (hello birch!)
Cut out counter top for work station
Install microhood
Cut and attach cover panels for island
Add finishing filler pieces and molding

We also have to drop the cable line in a different place, paint rylee's new bed, move the thermostat to a different wall, pack and MOVE this weekend.

Did I mention that we're all sick too? Rylee's the worst. Rodney definitely doesn't feel well either and he had to go back to work this morning. We even had to miss Kelsey's birthday party yesterday. It was a huge bummer but I didn't want to be that parent that brings her kid to things when she's feverish and has snot pouring out of her nose. Not when there were going to be a bunch of other little kids around.

I've been taking a lot of pictures and I'm itching to post them. Hopefully we'll be done soon and I can satisfy that itch! It's really starting to shape up and with the addition of the tile and the fridge, it's becoming very real. Rodney is doing all of this work for me, I hope he knows how much I appreciate it. I know he could really care less about kitchen stuff but he's gotten into this full force and I've been amazed at watching the progress he's made alone. He's a pretty cool dude.

I've got to try and find a drill bit today that will cut the holes in the sink. We thought we'd bought that tool while we were at Ikea but we must not have because we cannot find it anywhere. Rodney's dad gave us a drill bit but it just turns and burns the metal, doesn't pierce through. Suggestions?

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