Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Transformation, Part 1


We're settling into the house nicely. Things are being completed every day and we are getting closer to be 100% finished.

Ha! Those of you fellow home owners out there are now laughing uncontrolably.

I know, we'll never be finished. We'll never stop working on the house.

So far for us, that's the best part.

I'll start with the bulk of the work, The Kitchen

As I type this now from the bedroom, my ever-slaving husband is sanding away on my new countertops.

This is what we started with:

After the demo/gut (a newer shade of green):

Building cabinets, the whole family gets involved.

Starting to go up on the wall.

Doors on, Tiled backsplash, Refigerator in.

Getting there...

Almost complete.

Things that are left:

Molding around the bottom of the cabinets (where the lights are)
A few paint touch ups
Sanding and sealing the workstations (being done right this second!)

That's it!

I'm so incredibly happy with the outcome of this kitchen. I'm super impressed with my do-it yourself husband and I absolutely love walking into my kitchen every morning! The most rewarding part of this entire experience has been designing something and then seeing it come to life. That and watching Rodney do this by himself. (I helped too but really, he deserves all accolades)

Tomorrow I'll reveal the rest of the house transformations, be on the lookout!

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Lacey said...

Wow! I am super jealous of your new place. Good job guys!