Thursday, October 18, 2007

DIY - Rylee's Invitations

SO ... I'm starting to get things together for Rylee's birthday next month (yes I know, I'm a little early) and the first thing I decided to start with was the invitations.

I wanted to do something that coincided with the theme or her party, which is a bit on the whimsical side. Flowers, blossoms, branches, birds, all in bright colors.

I found these notecards at Target and decided they would be perfect for what I wanted to do! I spent less than $10 for 24 notecards with envelopes, which I thought was pretty good!

Front side with envelopes:

Back, blank side:

Then I was off to Michaels to find different colored sheets of scrapbook paper. I bought 6 different sheets, each in a different color (they were 5 for $1 that day!) with two of them being patterned.

I made a template for the invitations using the measurements of the sheets of scrapbooking paper in photoshop. I found the sparrows and branches on the web and pulled them into my design!


Once my template was set, I printed it out on each sheet of colored paper and cut them accordingly.

Then it was time to glue.

Using a big glue stick, I glued each cut invitation to the back of my pre-purchased notecards.

Making the envelopes:

For these, my darling husband made a template for me (in photoshop) so that I could just plug in the addresses and print. We measured the size of the envelope and made the proportions accordingly. I wanted to incorporate the sparrows on the envelope, so we added that element as well.

(I used Jess' envelope for the picture but for anonymity purposes, the addresses have been removed!)



Krista B said...

Good job, they look great!

Jessica said...

We got ours in the mail yesterday :)