Friday, October 26, 2007

More Posts, Late Post, The Texas State Fair

I've slacked on posting lately (or so I'm told) and I completely forgot to post pictures of our trip to the state fair with The Shipmans, so here it is!

Warning! This post mostly a picture post!

The fountains at the entrance

Swan Rides before the parade

The Midway

Below the gondola

Trying to locate the Shipmans

View from inside of the Gondola

Rodney and Rylee on the Giant Slide (they are in the red lane on the right side!)

The girls

The boys

Big Tex, more Ferris Wheel

Playing in the cars

That was our trip to the fair! We only made it out once this year, which is odd because we usually go at least twice. I love the fair but I hate how much I allow myself to eat!

thinks about delicious funnel cake

More to update later. Swim lessons, the pumpkin patch, snowboarding trips - all to come.


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Pill Box Tales said...

great pics! And it is about time (laughing).

miss you.