Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Greener pastures

Today I ventured out of the house (technically this would be my first since I was diagnosed with my foot impairment, unless you count the last Chemistry Set show last Friday. Though, I wouldn't REALLY count it because I sat on a stool most of the night) to the mall and Target, of course.

I've been perusing the baby/kids section of The Gap
since before Christmas. FINALLY they have some stock in the store! Has anyone else noticed the lack of stock lately? The shelves have been completely bare for the last month and a half!

Anyway, they really have some great Spring stuff right now. Terrific, bright colors that make me get excited about Spring time (even if it is January and we technically don't have "Spring" in Texas). Here are a few things I love!

I really love the greens and blues and I'm very into bold colors in solid prints right now. I made a few purchases with some Christmas gc's/cash (including some of the above). Rylee has so many bathing suits, I think I'm obsessed!

At my Target trip today, I discovered (in the Global Bazaar section, yay! It's that time of year!) that Target is selling their version of the Whole Foods/Central Market re-usable shopping bag! It's a zipper pouch that turns into a bag! Only .99 and check out that print, too cute! I bought a few of these today - I figured that I would get a lot of use out of them considering I visit Target about 5 times a week on average.

Super cheap, super cute and very GREEN!

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