Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We're here in Winter Park. It's beautiful. Here are some pictures so far...

Our flight was delayed an hour

THIS is our room. We opted for a mountain view room this year and all I can say is... WORTH IT. These were taken from our porch.

To the right of our porch are the ski shops and the Zephyr Express (one of the main lifts at the resort) and to the left are the two hot tubs for this building! This is our third time here and this room is definitely the best.

First run of the day

It snowed 4 inches last night and I'm pretty sure another 4 today. The powder was amazing. We all had good runs. I even tackled the infamous Village Way. I haven't tried that one since the first trip up here. I did really well though and we did that run twice this afternoon. I think we're going to attempt a few more blues tomorrow. We did one today and some of the harder greens, to get back in the "groove."

Rodney's snow face (he's not shaving until we come home)

And snow angel outside our room

I love Winter Park and after watching all of the tiny babies in their lessons today, I cannot wait to bring Rylee next year. She'll love it.

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Jessica said...

For about 2 seconds I thought I'd like to be there. Then I saw the picture from the lift and almost had a panic attack. Yoinks. But it'll probably snow a little while we're in NYC. :)