Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh wow

I feel like it's been forever!

We have been so busy around here, I have barely had time to breathe!

Anyway, how was everyone's Mothers day? Mine was pretty nice, thanks for asking!

I woke up to this:

Breakfast in bed! Two breakfast tacos with eggs and cheese, vegan sausage links, and pancakes! Who could ask for anything more? We had to share this plate though - it was so much food!

This was also given to me, but in the polka dot print, not the stripes.

Wedding season is upon us and we are getting busier by the day. We've been making tons of cookie cutters and even more cakes!

What is everyone doing for Father's Day? I'm thinking of making an appointment for Rylee and Rodney to have their picture taken together as one of Rodney's gifts. I won't say what else I'm planning in case he happens upon this -- but has anyone ever done a photo shoot with just Daddy and the kiddos? I'm just wondering if it's one of those ideas I'm glamorizing in my head. You know, you think something is going to be so wonderful and you imagine it to be this great thing and it kind of ends up disappointing you in the end?

I can't believe summer is already here! It was 97 outside yesterday!

Oh! I almost forgot we built this 3 weeks ago:

It's a good thing I'd read reviews prior to building day because if I hadn't, we'd probably still be putting that thing together.

The night before, we spent 5 hours doing this

We made seperate piles for each page of the directions. Page 1 pile had every piece of wood it required and a zip-loc bag filled with every nut/bolt that it required. We did that for all 15 pages. It took forever! Nothing was labeled so first we had to go through each box (there were two boxes that were flat packed) and make sure that everything was there! - then we had to go through each page and seperate all of the wood/plastic pieces and lastly, we had to put each piece of hardware with it's corresponding pile. Those weren't labeled either so we had to match each bolt, nut and nail up to the supply list to see what was what! It was crazy! But like I said, if we hadn't taken the time to do that the night before, we'd definitely still be trying to get that thing put up.

We can't keep Rylee off of it.

Oh and look! A ponytail, FINALLY! Just in time for summer!

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Lacey said...

I did a daddy daughter shoot with my dad and they turned out cute. I think it's a cute idea.