Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What I have been doing

Let's see...

I've been playing this:

Planning this course (more on this in a bit):

Working on this in my kitchen:

Working on this w/ Rylee:

(Going pretty well actually, may I suggest a sticker book to aide you in your toilet education? It's working very well for us)

Eating dinner here with the girls:

(Thanks for coming along girls, that was a lot of fun!)

Last night I tried one of those meal kits from Central Market - Rylee and I walked the store yesterday because we stopped in at The Learning Express which just so happens to be next door to my favorite centrally located market.

I really love that place. We practically had lunch in there just walking through. Fresh oranges, bread and olive oil, banana-orange juice, shrimp cocktail, kettle fried tortilla chips w/ some DELICIOUS raspberry salsa, yummy sea salt potato chips, samples of gouda and brie (for me, not her) and a really good cream cheese and fruit dip that was being served with a honey wheat bread. I picked up some of the juice, the bread, the salsa, some fresh corn and butter tortillas (love to get those when they are still warm!) and I also grabbed this:

I'm not usually a big meal kit person - but this one sounded good (it was POURING and gloomy yesterday) so I figured I'd try it seeing as how CM has never really disappointed me.

It took an hour and 45 minutes to cook and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

This was a great soup and the veggies were super fresh. Rodney actually loved it and he really dislikes bell peppers in any form. He kept telling me that it was a great meal - we put some grated cheese over the top and had a few corn tortillas with it. It says on the package that it serves 4 but I'm pretty sure they meant 8. We have a lot leftover but that's okay with us!


Now that meal kits and I are friends, I think they're going to be especially useful for those nights that I have been working on cakes all day and don't feel like cooking. Hurray!

Lastly, I am doing a series of basic cake decorating classes in July. I'm pretty excited about it - I've been working on the curriculum, getting handouts together and deciding what is important and what isn't. So if you're in the DFW area and you are interested, drop me a line and let me know! It's going to be a lot of fun and hopefully very educational!

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Lacey said...

I will totally attend your class! Just let me know the details.