Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I've really been loving Boon products for quite some time now but for some reason, haven't posted anything about them!

I love the sleek, modern design of their stuff. Not to mention, it's all VERY durable, which is never a bad thing when you've got toddlers running around.

Here are a few things that I love

This "groovy" plate set is pretty groovy indeed. It seperates things for the kids and comes with two little bowls that attach anywhere on the plate! We use the little bowls for ketchup or peanut butter (for snacks). Rylee loves the shape of the bowl and it's very easy for her to scoop the food out of.

This snack bowl is great! It doesn't crush what's inside and it's really easy for kids to hold!

This bowl is great for those little ones who are just learning to use utensils and plateware on their own. It has the easy scoop side and the best keeps most spills inside the bowl instead of the on the floor!

I really love this toddler potty. We have this same one in our house and Rylee really loves it. It has a compartment for toilet paper and a compartment for a book or toy as well. (just in case they get bored!) It also serves as a step stool for hand washing, another really great feature.

I'm definitely considering picking up one of these for Rylee. Any of you out there that have kids (especially little ones) know the amount of stuffed animals they receive. At one point, I think we were up to 55 stuffed animals and she's only 2! It can be hard to find storage for these guys, they have awkward shapes and sizes. I think this is a great solution!

If you haven't checked Boon out yet, you definitely should!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dwell Studio

I recently discovered that Dwell was going to be designing a bedding and furniture line for Target's baby department. Have you checked these out yet? Very cute and affordable! Now, if only Dwell would design a line for the rest of us!

Love this print/crib

I promise, more vacation pictures soon. I just know you all love them!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Stuff

We're back from our vacation! I had a ton of fun in Colorado snowboarding but I am pretty glad to be home. I have a ton of pictures (and even a video of me boarding!) to post but I'll get to that a little later.

Yesterday we had to go get a few things from the Mall due to the Denver airport's desire to make me miserable every time we fly through there. (last year we were flagged and had to go through that crazy thing that blows air all over you and this year they decided that my Victoria's Secret body lotion and Cetaphil face lotion were security threats and not allowed on the plane. I had to throw them away). Anyway, we had to go by the mall to pick up some more lotion and I decided to stop off at Michaels to see if they had the marker set that Jess has been coveting for a while, for her birthday. Of course, they were out of the set.

While I was in the store though, I decided to check out the cake decorating aisle. It's been a long time since I've been to Michael's to buy supplies for cake making (these days I'm in the local supply shop or ordering on-line) and I decided I'd check and see what Wilton's been up to. To my surprise, they have an entirely new line of cake decorating and baking supplies! I guess everyone's jumping on the fresh, spring color band wagon right now! Super cute and what a great color!

This is an especially cool gadget. It's angled to fit down the sides of your stand mixer, sure would come in handy!

I've been looking for a good cake lifter...

I'm pretty impressed with the new stuff, it's good to see Wilton trying to be a little more fresh and hip.

What did I end up getting Jessica for her birthday?

It's a recipe box from Martha's line at Macy's. I purchased the citrus press for Jess for Christmas this year so when Michael's was out of the marker set she wanted, I decided to take a look at Macy's. I saw this recipe box and knew it was perfect for her! It fits all Martha Stewart Living recipe cards and it's in a color that I know she enjoys (who doesn't though?)! I just discovered that it's now unavailable online - maybe I should go back and get the other one they had!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We're here in Winter Park. It's beautiful. Here are some pictures so far...

Our flight was delayed an hour

THIS is our room. We opted for a mountain view room this year and all I can say is... WORTH IT. These were taken from our porch.

To the right of our porch are the ski shops and the Zephyr Express (one of the main lifts at the resort) and to the left are the two hot tubs for this building! This is our third time here and this room is definitely the best.

First run of the day

It snowed 4 inches last night and I'm pretty sure another 4 today. The powder was amazing. We all had good runs. I even tackled the infamous Village Way. I haven't tried that one since the first trip up here. I did really well though and we did that run twice this afternoon. I think we're going to attempt a few more blues tomorrow. We did one today and some of the harder greens, to get back in the "groove."

Rodney's snow face (he's not shaving until we come home)

And snow angel outside our room

I love Winter Park and after watching all of the tiny babies in their lessons today, I cannot wait to bring Rylee next year. She'll love it.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


She rules.

Post Script, Deedle and Marissa's brand new baby is seriously cute. Congrats to the LaCours!

Post Script Script, Colorado bound Monday morning!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Greener pastures

Today I ventured out of the house (technically this would be my first since I was diagnosed with my foot impairment, unless you count the last Chemistry Set show last Friday. Though, I wouldn't REALLY count it because I sat on a stool most of the night) to the mall and Target, of course.

I've been perusing the baby/kids section of The Gap
since before Christmas. FINALLY they have some stock in the store! Has anyone else noticed the lack of stock lately? The shelves have been completely bare for the last month and a half!

Anyway, they really have some great Spring stuff right now. Terrific, bright colors that make me get excited about Spring time (even if it is January and we technically don't have "Spring" in Texas). Here are a few things I love!

I really love the greens and blues and I'm very into bold colors in solid prints right now. I made a few purchases with some Christmas gc's/cash (including some of the above). Rylee has so many bathing suits, I think I'm obsessed!

At my Target trip today, I discovered (in the Global Bazaar section, yay! It's that time of year!) that Target is selling their version of the Whole Foods/Central Market re-usable shopping bag! It's a zipper pouch that turns into a bag! Only .99 and check out that print, too cute! I bought a few of these today - I figured that I would get a lot of use out of them considering I visit Target about 5 times a week on average.

Super cheap, super cute and very GREEN!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NYE Menu and other ramblings

It's taken me long enough to get around to posting our NYE menu, hasn't it?

Here it is, simple as can be.

Crab Rangoons
Florentine Quiche
Vegetable tray (carrots, celery, bell pepper) with feta dip
Pasta salad with tri colored rotini
Caprese Bruschetta
Oven Roasted sweet potato fries
Cold spinach dip in bread bowl (served with sweet bread and wheat crackers)
Tortilla chips with salsa verde, hot salsa and medium salsa (something for everyone!)
Black and white cookies
Mint chocolate cupcakes
Raspberry vanilla cupcakes
Oreo truffles
Gourmet Chocolates
Chocolate covered peanut butter crackers

White Russian shot served in chocolate cups
Champagne (including a non alcoholic cranberry-blood orange)
Bottles of Beer
Mint and Mocha Cinnamon hot chocolate

That was it! And it was all very, very delicious!

*So I had to make a trip to the doctor today. I've been having this on going foot pain (in my left foot) for a few months now. And when I saw a few months, I mean 8.

Anyway, it's gotten progressively worse the last month or so. Sunday we went out to Southlake Town Square and after being on it for no more than 5 minutes, I was already in excruciating pain. It was brought to my attention later that evening that with our upcoming snowboarding trip, I should probably get it checked out.

So I made an appointment and went in this afternoon. My doctor took a look at my foot and pushed on the area that was tender and kind of gave me a look of shock. She ordered x-rays immediately. Good thing I had the portable dvd player with me, that thing came in handy today. Anyway, x-rays were taken and she came back in to talk to me. She told me that I have something called Plantar fasciitis. I'm not really sure what all of that means but basically I can never wear flip flops or go bare foot again. Or for the very least, until I am healed. I was instructed to get a pair of Crocs, some heel cups, arch supports, a referral to a podiatrist, a prescription for a steroid, some exercises to do -- and honestly, she wanted to tell me not to go snowboarding. She said several times that she was really nervous about me going - but she made me promise to be very diligent about keeping off my feet for the next two weeks, do the exercises, and not go barefoot. I also had to promise that if I start to hurt at all in any way while I am up there, to stop. She also mentioned me possibly having to do some physical therapy once I get back.

It's all a little too much for a foot pain that I thought would go away.

Hopefully I will be able to work it out on my own, without further treatment!

In other news, I truly, truly have learned the kindness of others this week. I really don't have the words to express what I want to say regarding it, but it's insanely amazing.

Also, Rylee has an imaginary friend named Alex. I think she's based this friend off the character Alex the Lion from the movieMadagascar. Barely two for two months and already has an imaginary friend. Sheesh

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

NYE 2008: Black and White Party

This is mostly a picture post. More to come later. I'm still a little tired and I'm very behind on my blogging as it is, so I decided it was better to post something rather than nothing. I still need to post some Christmas pictures too.

Anyway, we threw the black and white party. It was very successful. I know I had a great time and it seemed like everyone else did as well!

Pre-Party living room and seating area:

Dessert/Champagne Bar:



Party time

Countdown is about to begin

Go crazy!

After midnight

With the Hoovers:

NYE favors (inside was a polaroid taken upon first arrival):

The hostesses and my bff's:

13 bottles of champagne, 4 cases of beer (plus 3 or 4 six packs), a pitcher of white russians, 72 pieces of spanakopita, 120 quiche, 48 cupcakes ... (the list goes on and on) later and it's done. The holiday season is officially over. It's weird not feel like I need to plan or arrange something. For now though, I'm tired and I have snowboarding to look forward to and to rest up for.

Official menu + Christmas stuff in the next post, promise!

Happy New Year!