Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Quick Post

Quick post about two items I think are pretty neat!

This food grinder is pretty awesome. It was created by a pediatrician and is very affordable too ($10). I really got into making baby food for Rylee when she was in that stage of her life and this sure would have come in handy at the time! It's portable and even comes with it's own carrying case, for vacations or road trips. There are other accessories sold here, including storage trays for the freezer and a nifty little plate that allows you to transfer the stored trays right onto the plate. Check out the site for some really good recipes too!

Continuing on with the food/feeding bandwagon, I really love these plate/bowl sets from notneutral. The colors and prints are great and they're made from a really durable material for all of those times your toddler happens to toss his/her plate up against the wall.

Speaking of notneutral, have you checked their site out? I'm loving it right now!

These blocks are WONDERFUL!

Wooden coasters, I love them!

Pretty cocktail napkins!

These vases would look great on my dining table, the bright white really makes the brown pop!

How's this for some original trivets? Certainly a step up from using pot holders!

There's only one notneutral store, in LA. Though, they do sell in other retail stores if you'd prefer not to purchase online. A search for the nearest location is provided on the website!

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