Sunday, June 1, 2008


This is my 100th post, woo!

I bought this for Rylee. Really love it. Might love it more than she does.

So since this is my 100th post, I think I'll spend this week updating with (among other things) 100 things you might not know about me.

First 25:

100: I like reality tv
99: I stay up until 2am or later every night
98: I try to do things differently
97: I wipe the sink out every time I use it to make sure it's completely dry (the bathrooms and the kitchen)
96: I taught myself to decorate cakes and I am still learning
95: I thought I never wanted children (but very glad my mind was changed)
96: I clean dishes as I use them
95: Someone has called me the "cleaning nazi"
94: I am scarily good at Mario Kart
93: I like to watch almost all live sporting events
92: Cooking relaxes me
91: I am obsessed with buying Rylee swim suits
90: I would leave Texas in a heartbeat
89: I find a sense of humor the most attractive quality in a person
88: I met my husband at a rock show
87: I like to eat popcorn with m&m's
86: I managed a movie theater when I was 18
85: I hate Nascar. Really, really, really hate Nascar.
84: I'll probably never cut my hair shorter than shoulder length
83: I have a very good memory
82: I tend to have a temper
81: I would have a snowboard attached to my feet for the rest of my life if I could
80: I am sick of healthcare issues in this country
79: I'm pretty sure I eat chips and salsa every day
78: I hate jelly
77: I don't enjoy talking on the phone
76: I can sing a little
75: I was a merch girl back in the day

*This is going to be harder than I thought!


Pill Box Tales said...

Oh, the days of chips and salsa (and ranch). I miss those days.

Jessica said...

#95= Jessica