Saturday, June 23, 2007

A New Hope

That title sounds like more than it is.

Today we delivered an order (see Frosted Garden for more details) and headed to my parents house to pick up my dad, and youngest brother. My parents were out of town last weekend so we were unable to do anything for Father's Day on the actual day. We decided to take my Dad to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History to see the new Star Wars exhibit. My Dad and brothers are lovers of all things Star Wars.

Saturdays are a super busy day at museums, huh? It was packed. After darting through many a stroller, we made our way into the giant line to get tickets and waited for about 15 minutes before we had ours in hand. Then we had to wait for another 30 minutes to stand in the line to get into the actual exhibit. Rylee was not into that. She looks calm here but really, she'd been screaming, "WALK WALK WALK!" the entire time we were waiting. People were staring.

We made it into the exhibit and short of us all doing a song and dance, nothing was going to pacify my child. She wanted out. She wanted down. She wanted to RUN. I finally gave in close to the end and carried her a little while before making the handoff. The exhibit was pretty cool, I must say. I'm not the biggest nerd or fan when it comes to Star Wars but I've seen all of the movies and I can appreciate the story line and value it holds in cinematic progression. They had a lot of orginal costumes and models used in the movies. It was very neat and very strange at the same time. Rodney is not afraid of the wookies, as you can see.

Some of my favorite things seen were:

The lightsabers!

Darth Vader! (don't look at me in the picture, it's kind of awful)


We had fun. My dad had fun too. He was a history teacher once upon a time and we practically grew up in the museums of Fort Worth. I know he enjoyed doing this with us and we had fun as well!

After we finished that exhibit, we made our way down to "Kid's Space." It's in the basement and is also where all of the classrooms for Museum School are (Rylee will be going to Museum School when she's old enough). Kid's Space is pretty cool. There's a big water area where kids can pretend to fish and play with boats and do various other water experiments. There's a baby room that has some smaller toys, a big grocery store area that has little shopping carts, grocery items and WORKING checkout centers. There are old time-y phones on the walls and cars to play in, even a puppet theater. Rylee was in HEAVEN. That kid was going crazy. I love to see her when she is like that, she's so full of energy and enthusiasm and it makes it so much fun for me too.

Baby, you can drive my car.


We grabbed my mom shortly after and went to eat Mexican food. I had vegetable enchilada's. Mushroom and spinach. They were great and I'm set on making them soon.

Afterward we went to a barbecue (no, we didn't eat anything but a few cookies) that was a going away party for a good friend. She's headed down to Austin. I made some cupcakes for it and I'll certainly post the pictures soon. The hubs is waiting on me right now, we're about to watch a movie.


I love these two very much.

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