Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have a dilemma.

Now that I'm getting the new mixer for my birthday (which arrived at charlietango today yay!), what do I do with my other one?

Do I keep it? They aren't the same color and the new one is bigger than the older one, so do I keep it in the pantry and use it occasionally?

Or do I sell it? If I sell it I can probably buy some really awesome attachment for the new one, which is most likey what I would do.

I've only had the Artisan for 2 years and it's in really good shape. I've used it A LOT but I keep all of my appliances very clean and maintained.

I'm just not sure what to do with it. I don't know if keeping it will mean that it just sits in the pantry, untouched and unused for ages until I finally decide it's okay to get rid of it -- or if selling it will break my heart. First mixer, first real cakes, lots of firsts.



Krista B said...

I say keep it for a while and see if it ever comes in handy. What if you have a big order one day or one week? Just pulling red out of the pantry would save some washing :)

Plus, as unlikely as it would be, if the new one needs repair and you can't use it, at least you can still work.

Andrew's Mom said...

I agree. I will be in the same situation - but I will definitely keep mine (I even have two bowls and two sets of attachments for big baking jobs). I think having two mixers even at Christmas would be wonderful! Your work is great.

kelly said...

Well if you do decide to sell it... let me know first! My Kitchen Aid is acting funny and only runs on high speed! not exactly great when you put flour in it.....

But yeah, i totally understand the sentimental value! If mine wasn't going so wonky, i might love it too! Right now i just want to throw it in the garbage :)