Monday, June 2, 2008

25 more.

Actually, this will be 23 since Jess so graciously pointed out to me that I repeated 95 and 96 on my last post. How odd!

72: I love bold and bright colors
71: I have dyed my hair various shades of red for the last 10 years
70: I have an entire cabinet of deodorant. I'm not even kidding.
69: I've had my livejournal account for 8 years now
68: I struggle with my eating habits
67: I was a vegan for a year
66: I (along with Leila) slept in my car in the parking lot of an Austin hotel SEVERAL times on my way back from shows either in Austin or San Antonio despite the fact that my grandmother lives there.
65: From the ages 12-16 I would go into electronic stores with my dad and type the same sentence on every computer each store had, this is the last worthless evening that you'll ever spend.
64: Vanilla is my favorite flavor but I hate things that are scented vanilla.
63: I get my news from the internet
62: I don't let my daughter watch Dora The Explorer
61: I ran my high school radio station for 2 years
60: I had a radio show with my high school bf for 2 years.
59: I like to walk around Target 2 or 3 times a week
58: My favorite color has always been blue
57: I don't like gold
56: I love trying new foods
55: I don't understand why everyone loves chocolate so much
54: I wear a size 9 1/2 shoe
53: I had my tongue pierced at one point in my life
52: I am a planner
51: After Rylee was first born, I vacuumed every day for 3 months
50: I have one small tattoo

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