Monday, June 30, 2008

Random update

Today I was Central Market doing a little bit of light grocery shopping and I saw that their corn is on sale 10/$1!

Of course I bought 10 ears. We go through corn very quickly here in this household. We incorporate it one way or another in probably 4 out of 7 meals.


Tonight I'm making mahi mahi. I was roped into trying a sample at the demonstration kiosk (in between the seafood and fruit sections) and WHOA. That had to be some of the best fish I have tasted in my life. The lady pointed me towards the rub she used and advised me on how to cook it. The fish had just been flown in fresh from Hawaii that morning so I couldn't resist trying it out on my own. I've got some pretty high standards to live up to but here's to hoping that mine comes out as good as the bit I tasted earlier today!

On a slightly different subject... thank goodness Babystyle is back! There was a bit of a dry spell there for a while but now, now I think we're on the right path.

Newbies from The Gap:

Has anyone else been listening to the new Coldplay album? I'm really loving it. I know it's gotten some negative reviews but I don't care, I think it's great! I have been listening to it non stop for the last 2 weeks!

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Gossip Girl said...

love coldplays not so new song...fix it, love it, love it...