Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Movies and 25 more things

This week I discovered that Harkins Theatres are running a children's movie every day of the week (minus Saturday and Sundays) at 9:45 in the morning.

This week Veggie Tales, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything is playing so I decided to take Rylee. It was pretty fun and she did pretty well. She's been to a few movies but never with just me (except for when she was very little) so I thought it would be interesting to say the least. The great thing was that the entire theater was full of mothers and fathers with their small children and infants so no one cared if someone was screaming or crying. I think we're going to make this a weekly thing, it's so great that they are showing it every day of the week too, that way you don't have to miss it!

What a fun thing to do in the summer!

25 more things about me

49: My favorite flower is the calla lily (close second is the orchid)
48: Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era
47: I like tea with no sugar, just a lemon slice
46: I played volleyball for many years
45: My favorite season is winter
44: I think a lot of blogs are for show
43: Every man that I have been involved with (seriously) has had a name that started with an R or a C
42: My house will soon have a red door
41: I don't like dogs
40: I don't like country music. At all.
39: There's a water tower behind my house
38: I know quite a bit of sign language
37: My family is Catholic but I'm not
36: I don't like being tan
35: I don't use store bought whipped cream
34: I think I am a good listener
33: I like driving
32: I've traveled from Dallas to Tulsa, back to Dallas to New Orleans in 24 hours.
31: I've never seen a Wayne's World movie
30: I've played hide and seek in an empty movie theater on several occasions
29: I'm ready to have another baby
28: I'm working on a cookbook
27: I bite my nails
26: I'm very modest
25: Some mornings I cat nap on the sofa while noggin is on. (not for long)

only 25 left!

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