Monday, June 9, 2008

Final 25 things about me

25: I think the raspberry sherbet from Target is the best sherbet ever
24: I love rain storms
23: I hate the heat.
22: I am currently sunburned
21: It doesn't bother me to leave the house without makeup
20: Rylee was the same weight and length as I was when I was born
19: I waited on the guys from Mudvayne when I was 19
18: I hate fondant
17: I had my tonsils out two years ago
16: I've had strep throat over 30 times
15: Someone once told me that I should be a hand model
14: I won 2nd place in a baby beauty contest
13: I'm allergic to wasps and bees
12: I'm slightly obsessed with coats and jackets
11: I don't like fruit smells
10: I can hyper extend both of my arms
9: I make wishes when all of the #'s are the same on the clock
8: I can ice skate
7: I'll eat anything with peanut butter
6: I like to make up recipes
5: I'm bossy
4: My favorite house is my grandmothers house
3: I only like white Christmas lights
2: I buy about half organic products
1: I love provolone


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