Thursday, July 5, 2007


I'm waiting on a cake's crumb coat to set. I have been in the kitchen the entire day. Well, except for the time we were in Rylee's swim lesson and the hour that Rodney rescued me and took us to dinner. I baked 30 cupcakes today for Tango tomorrow. They came out alright. I wasn't super happy with them but I guess you can't be with everything. If you want to check them out, visit Frosted Garden.

Right now I am working on one of Rodney's cakes. He gets three this year. Two for his dinner and one for work. That's a whole lotta cake. I was going to bake us a cake for our anniversary next week but that's really not happening now. I'll make something but it won't be cake.

I got a few of his birthday presents the other day. He's been wanting this rash guard from Sun and Ski Sports and has been talking about it forever, so I went and got it. I actually got a different one than the one he tried on but I picked it because the one he tried on wasn't EXACTLY what he wanted. He didn't want something with a huge logo on it and I found the perfect one. I also happened to find myself some pretty cute board shorts. Bought those for the upcoming trip to Schlitterbahn. Present for Rodney, present for me. Then we went into the Gap. He mentioned that he wanted to replace a bunch of his shirts so I went in there to find a few. It must be GAP/OLD NAVY/BANANA REPULBIC sale week because the sale in their was just insane. I found him 4 shirts and got myself two tank tops for $36. Everything is half off right now. I went ahead and gave him those things because he needed the shirts and I wanted him to try on the rash guard. He loved it all and was totally surprised that I remembered the rash guard. (which, I mean....seriously? he only mentioned it 45,000 times) He still gets an anniversary present on our anniversary and a birthday present on his birthday. Can't say what those are though...

Our 4th was pretty good. We did a little shopping (got more stuff from The Gap!), I did a little baking and we went over to my parents house. We ate dinner and afterwards everyone went outside to blow things up. I mean, not really blow things up but sorta...My Mom and brothers have been saving their 20oz. bottles to make science experiments with. Something about baking soda, vinegar and tissue. My brothers are crazy.

Rodney watching from afar:

We went downtown to watch the fireworks shortly after

Here are the pictures of the shells, tomatoes and mushroom dish I made, it's great! I'll get the pictures of the egglplant parm up soon!

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