Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Baked Beans

Haha. I'm watching A Prairie Home Companion.

Yesterday I was sent off for a mini day of pampering. Tomorrow is our 2nd anniversary and my anniversary present was a tinting/hair cut. I had a few hours between each and spent my time shopping at The Gap and Nordstroms all while sipping on the best Pomegranite lemonade I have ever had from the Nordstroms coffee/juice bar. Seriously delicious lemonade. I'll be returning for some more today if I can convince Rodney.

My cut is great, as usual. The same girl cuts my hair and she's completely awesome. I would die if she ever left. Not the same can be said for my tint/highlights. The girl who usually does my hair was booked and they booked me with someone else. Someone else who is new apparently. Though, I did not know this until after my hair was finished. I asked for what I usually ask for, a chocolate tint with red highlights. I got moussy brown with a lot of orange highlights. Too many orange highlights. I had to leave immediately after she washed my hair (it was already 5 and we needed to be in Dallas at 6) so I got in my car and called to complain. I'm re-booked for Wednesday. The girl who normally does my hair will be redoing it. Everyone says it looks fine and there's nothing wrong with it but they are wrong. It's orange. While I love The University of Texas and am proud of my Longhorn heritage, in no way do I want to sport a burnt orange doo.

As soon as I got home, I got dressed as fast as I could, threw some makeup and on and we jumped in the car. We got the restaurant and practically everyone was already there. I immediately ordered a "prickly pear" grande margarita. It was delicious! This a picture of Amy's margarita - it's called a "suicide." Pear, Mango, Strawberry and Lime.

We ate a lot and I think everyone really enjoyed their food. Rodney and I split some mushroom and spinach quesadillas and some "naked" enchilada's. That's what Rodney nicknamed them - cheese and onion enchilada's with no meat sauce. Hence the "naked."

The Gruver/Hoover's

At some point we all thought it would be funny to take pictures with the giant margarita cake. I got a picture of everyone at the table with it, here are a few...




Rod the Bod:

Ryan and Ana:

The other half of the Brothers DeMeglio:

Soon after eating dinner, everyone broke into the cakes. This was quite humorous to see.

After dinner concluded we walked across the way to Urban Outfitters. I didn't purchase anything but found a few things I wanted to! After checking in at the double wide, Brodney, Malisa, BaJamie and I made our way over to Club Dada to check out The Chem Set. Josh is playing the totally awesome drum set that Rodney built so we wanted to see that. Plus, I haven't seen them in a while and though it would be nice.

After they played, we went back to the Double Wide. It was extremely hot, too hot, I could barely stand it. Lots of Rodney/Tendril's friends showed up and a few of my own friends were there too. It was nice to see everyone, even though I wanted to kill myself from the heat.

The night concluded, we left and picked the girl up on the way home.

I slept in a little today, it was nice. Rodney has practice today and hopefully he will be home soon.

Thanks to everyone who came out last night, it was a blast!!!

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