Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today was the house inspection. It went pretty well. There are a few minor issues but we're pretty sure they will be taken care of without any problems. I took a bunch more pictures today and I'm sure I will post them soon. I want to close on the house before I commit to posting pictures. No jinxing here!

Here is our beautiful new refrigerator. Well, not this one exactly, but rather one that isn't a floor model and doesn't have stickers all over it. Our actual refrigerator is sitting in my in law's garage and will be there until we close. The day I get to unwrap that thing is going to be a happy day for me!

Beautiful, right?

Here are the cabinets we are currently crushing on.

And this will form one half of my workspace/storage area.

Last night Rodney had practice so Rylee and I had a fairly easy dinner. I made egg noodles with cream of mushroom soup, rosemary potatoes and we had some corn as well. Quick and VERY easy!

Tonight I might make flautas or maybe lasagna. Haven't decided just yet.

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Jessica said...

exciting stuff! e-mail me about saturday, m'kay?