Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tango Band

Last night was the Tango Band Show.

Tricia and Robby rode with me, Josh and Jess met us there. Rodney reserved us a table earlier in the day, in the front, so we had a nice place to sit and we didn't have to fight anyone for it.

The picture above is from "We Will Rock You." Rodney busted his knuckle on a symbol and broke the drum throne during that song. The very first song. Classic Rodney.

Jess looking beautiful.

Rodney plays drums.

Rockin' out to "Common People"

We had a lot of fun at the show, at our little table. We also danced a lot and got really silly with the other girls/wives, which is what we usually do.

Amy has the boa. (It gets passed around a lot)

Someone messed something up.

I think something near 45 songs were played. It went by really fast for some reason though. Rodney did really well and looked super cute. I forget how much I love watching his stick twirling and arm flailing when I go long period without seeing it. He really is very talented. And cute.

Ryan, Aaron, Richie and Ana also came by - I didn't see much of them but I was glad to know they were there.

Tricia and Robby

Even though a drink did get spilled on me... I'd say it was a pretty successful night! Between the many bathroom breaks, the ENORMOUS plate of nachos, the dancing, the ridiculous amount of drinks and the great conversation...I'm sad it's over!

Today we got up and went to Lowe's. We walked around pricing some things out and browsing. We had lunch, stopped by the grocery store and came home so Rylee could nap. I'd collected a ton of paint samples while we were at Lowe's and spent about 30 minutes cutting them up and taping certain colors with others that I like. Then I attached my color pallets to pieces of paper and labeled each one with the room it was for and what each color would be in said room. Rodney thought this was incredibly awesome.

On a spur of the moment we decided to jump in the car and head out to Ikea. They close at 7 and we left at 4:45. We got there at nearly 5:30 and stayed until almost 7:30. I found the canopy that I have been wanting for Rylee (but couldn't find at the Austin Ikea) and Rodney spent two hours on the computer in the kitchen area, rebuilding and changing out cabinets for our kitchen. We talked with a specialist and were able to ask a lot of questions. We have a much better understanding now of what we want/need to do. Which is always a good thing.

On the way home, we stopped for veggie burritos at Chipotle and then over to Rodney's parents house. I hadn't seen my new refrigerator in person and I thought it was time to do so! It's just as pretty as I recall!

Cakes to start tomorrow!

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