Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Getaway

It's been days since I've been able to update. We were in Austin Thursday through last night and I'm sad to be back.

Rylee and I missed her swim lesson on Thursday because she woke up with Scarlet Fever or Scarletina, one of the two. It's a rash associated with Strep and I've had it many times so I knew immediately what it was. Not contagious though, so the trip was still on.

We spent Friday scouring Austin for a good deal on a refrigerator. We went to a couple of scratch and dent places and Sears before we ended up at Conn's. We found a refrigerator! It's BEAUTIFUL!! It's a 26 inch stainless steel side by side. I know it's probably a really nerdy thing to be excited about a refrigerator isn't if you know me ;) I will definitely post pictures of it as soon as I upload them.

That afternoon Rodney and I went up to Ikea to do a little kitchen planning. I bought a few things including a large clock for the mantle, an easel, some curtains and a lamp for rylee, a butchers block for me and a few other items. The Shipmans plus Suzy arrived shortly after got back and we all went to eat at Catfish Parlour. Yummy hush puppies!

Saturday morning I got up to make breakfast for everyone - waffles with strawberries and whipped cream and then we were out the door to New Braunfels. It was pretty cloudy on the way there but the website says "rain or shine" so we figured it would be fine. As soon as we got there we noticed there was a sign saying that certain rides were closed. Every ride in the main park, to be exact. All of the great, fun rides were shut down. They told everyone they would be opening the rides mid afternoon, so we decided it was worth it and headed over to Schlitterbahn East. After a few hours and lunch, we made our way back over to West to find out that nothing would be opening up. It was such a bummer. We felt like the Griswald's. Trying to make the best of the situation, we went back over to East and rode everything in Surfenburg and Blastenhoff. Overall it was fun but we were really sad to not be able to ride the best rides there.

After we dried off and got changed, we headed back into Austin for some deliciouswonderfulscrumptious dinner eating at Kerbey Lane. Now, if you've ever been to Austin and you haven't been to Kerbey Lane, shame on you! If you are ever planning a trip to Austin,please make sure you go to Kerbey Lane. There are a few scattered around the city but the best one is off of 35th and a half and Kerbey Lane. It's in an old house and it's amazing! It's friendly to all types of people, vegetarian, vegan or not and it's open 24 hours a day.

We ordered some salsa and white queso to munch on before our meals. Rodney and I ordered the avocado and black bean tacos and the spinach and mushroom quesadilla's. He also ordered two pieces of french toast. Everything was DELICIOUS. I'm craving it now, in fact.

After dinner we headed back to my grandmothers. We were all exhausted.

Yesterday morning we were greeted by the smell of homemade pancakes and scrambeled eggs with cheese. There's nothing in the world like my grandmother's pancakes, they are absolutely devine. We got dressed and headed to Ikea again. Rodney spent most of the time in the kitchen area, planning and re-planning our new kitchen. We were there so long, we ended up having lunch in the Ikea Cafeteria. I bought a few more things including a beautiful poster and some art cards.

The Shipmans left after the Ikea trip and Rodney and I went to see the new Harry Potter. After the movie, we had dinner at my grandmother's and then hopped on the road to head back home.

I have a lot going on this week. A big cake order for Friday that I need to get started on and Rodney's got the Tango show on Saturday, which I'm really excited about. We have the house inspection tomorrow morning!

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