Monday, August 13, 2007

Cake week is over

That's right, crazy cake week 2007 is over!

Woo Hoo!

I can sucessfully say that I made it through it unscathed.

Rylee's not feeling well right now, she started with the waking up stuff she does Friday night and I knew something was up. Saturday she woke up with some fever and a runny nose. Poor kid, seems like she catches every summer cold there is sometimes. Although, she's only had 2 this summer. I suppose that's not a lot.

I think she'll make it through without having to go in, she seems a little better today.

Saturday we went to Best Buy to return the dvd player we bought recently. Even though everything we own is sony (concerning the tv's/stereo equipment), we decided to go with a Toshiba players. It blew. Worst player ever. So, we took it back and got the Sony.

We left and decided to make a quick stop half a mile away at Babies R Us so we could grab Rylee a new sippy cup. Once we got to Babies R Us, Rodney figured out that he didn't have his keys. We drove back over to Best Buy and looked around the parking lot for a while, I went in and asked around but there were no keys to be found. We drove back over to Babies R Us and as we turned into the middle of the intersection on Pipeline (those of you who know the Northeast Mall/Pipeline area know what I am talking about here), I noticed that there will specs of silver smashed in the street. I screamed at Rodney to stop at the gas station across the intersection and he got out and (daringly) ran into the street to retrieve the keys. They were pretty beat up. The key that goes to the CX-7 is totally screwed. It's one of those keys that has the unlock/lock housing around it and you push the button to make the key open -- yeah, they cost about $100. GUH.

We were able to go into our house later that afternoon and take some more measurements, which was a lot of fun actually.

Since Rylee was sick I was unable to take her over to my parents house that afternoon. We thought we weren't going to be able to go to Jamie's party but then Ramona offered to come and watch her for a few hours so we could at least go to dinner. We made it out there on time and enjoyed a nice dinner with our very good friends. The very nice thing about Spiral Diner is that they have Blue Sky on tap there. I absolutely love Blue Sky drinks and this was an ENORMOUS plus for me.

We had to leave shortly after so that Ramona didn't have to drive late at night and we spent the rest of the evening working on a cake and watching Fast Food Nation - which, incidently is a great movie but very graphic. VERY, VERY, VERY graphic. If you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian or even if you aren't, this movie will definitely make you become one. So...if you like meat, do not watch it.

We went to Ikea AGAIN yesterday. Jamie and Lisa followed us out there. We got completely stuck in the kitchen design area and didn't get to hang out with them at all. It was really uncool but unfortunately we had to get it done. We go back this Sunday to pick everything up for the kitchen (all of the cabinets and counter tops) and to the rest of what I need to get. One of my wonderful and very best friends Jessica will be accompanying us out there. She's buying a dining table and we're going to be storing it in our garage. Yeah, our garage. I'm so glad she's going - the ordering process for this kitchen is supposed to take a few hours so I'll have some company and good advice on things that I want to get.

I did get some pillow covers for the cushions on the couch and a pillow for the girl. Oh! And the very large shelf that will hang on the fireplace!

Weeds is such a good show.

My kid makes me laugh a lot, move over Beethoven!


She laughs.


I'm thinking of hitting up the Crate and Barrel outlet tomorrow and then stopping into Tango to say hello and eat some lunch with the hubs. Gotta buy the paint for the house tomorrow or Wednesday - I have a total of 7 different colors to get. I also have to pick a dining table up from Frisco.


Lindsey said...

She is too cute, Steph. I love that last picture of her so much.

Crazy about the keys--how did they end up in the road? Maybe that's a dumb question.

I have a feeling that I would totally stop eating meat if I watched that movie. I already have a hard time thinking about the animals being caged up--I try to buy free range. Eggs are fine. But when I start thinking about those poor, innocent animals....I just have to not think about it.

Steph said...

Lindsey - he'd left them on top of the car. He swore he hadn't but the entire time we were looking at Best Buy for them I kept thinking that they were probably laying in the street somewhere. Of course, I was right. My husband has some forgetfulness issues. I have to leave large notes in places for him so that he won't forget to lock doors, grab his cell phone or take a cake with him to work. I can't tell you how many times he's forgotten a cake. And once he left the back doors unlocked while we were in Austin for a week.

Yeah, the movie was...the movie was very realistic and gross. That's the only thing I can come up with. I've only stopped eating meat since June and I can't tell you how thankful was that we did stop when I was watching that movie. It's fiction but it's based on a book that is non-fiction. And even though some of the points in the movie may have been a bit extreme, I know some (if not all) of that stuff really does go on.