Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This is not your Average post

This is Leila.

Leila is on tour with/the merch girl for Shiny Toy Guns. She's also the girlfriend of the drummer, Mikey.

Leila has been on tour for almost a year now.

She's in town for a few weeks and today we had lunch and went to the mall.

For a long time, Leila was the one constant in my life and it's very strange for her to be so far away sometimes. She was my "show buddy" and we used to dream of being the merch girls/manager of some big band. We achieved that locally a bit but now she's doing it for real.

I miss her a lot. Her life is so different than mine now, which is strange because we were inseperable for a long, long time.

Some awesome times spent with Leiler:

Ditching class to watch BOTR or to go to Ihop.
Getting stuck in Stephenville (though at the time, this was not an awesome moment)
Shopping for show clothes
Sleeping in the car in the parking lot of hotels in Austin
Driving to Houston many, many times.
Going to Six Flags and eating Cheddars afterwards
Playing hide and go seek at the theater after hours
After parties
Warped Tours
Driving around for hours looking for a random hotel
Late night Bennigans or Snookies
Charm Bracelets (BeFri/StEnds)

and so very much more.

I don't want her to move to LA. I know that she is hardly home now but at least I can hold on to the fact that this is still her home.

Leila, I miss you very, very much. I'm so happy for you and how completely blissful you are. All I've ever wanted is to see you as happy as you are now and you are finally there. Even though we used to fight a WHOLE lot, you will always be one of my best friends! I love you Leiler!


Jessica said...

Is that first picture from your baby shower?

Leila is looking lovely. You're both looking lovely, actually.

Steph said...

Yes it was - balloon gives it away huh? Man, that was a great shower, who threw it anyway?

Thanks, that's an OLD picture. It's from my birthday 2 years ago at Pappasitos, I was 8 weeks preggers! I think I looked better then!