Sunday, August 19, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We got our house.


We own a home!

Not without drama, of course. Are all closings like this? Does everyone sit biting their nails, sceaming at their lenders, praying that things will go through?

I have to say, going into the title company was very nice. There were fresh cookies, coffee and a fridge that had every drink known to man stocked in it. They kept asking us if we needed anything. I felt special.

Friday night we went and bought a new garbage disposal and we also grabbed our new microhood. I'm pretty excited about the microwave, it matches my super gorgeous refrigerator.

You can view it here:

Happy about that purchase.

Saturday we got up early and went to get our refrigerator out of my in-law's garage. We did that, met our new neighbor, stopped by home depot to buy new locks for the house and some painters tape/supplies, and then started taping things off in the living room. I did all of the edging in that room. The paint is a little lighter than I'd hoped. I tried to pick a color that wasn't too dark but I think I might have gone too light. I don't know, maybe it's just that there is still green on the walls (previous owners) and the grey looks light in comparison.

Today we got up early (again) and headed out to Ikea. We purchased our kitchen upstairs in the kitchen design area and had an hour or so (while it was being pulled) to shop for some other things. Did you know that Ikea gives you 1% back on purchases that you make with a debit card? We didn't know either! Came in super handy today though!

I bought a lot of stuff today - things including plates for my plate rack, some bowls, card boxes, a few hurricanes, a red vase, some candlesticks, 4 dining chairs, magazine boxes, a big shelf for the kitchen, shelves for one of the bathrooms, a few hand towels and a few other things I'm not remembering right now. Oh! We bought a flush mount and a 4-spot for the kitchen (lighting).

When we went over to the pick up area, we were told there were 5 carts full of boxes for us. It literally took over an hour and a half to pack the truck. It was crazy. I didn't think we were going to fit it all in the truck. We were packed to the brim in the cab too. This is an 8 foot bed we're talking about.

We made it back to our house, Richie came over with Miles and he helped Rodney unload everything while Miles and I played for a little bit.

We got the middle room taped off and I worked on getting that room edged while Rodney tried to figure out the paint sprayer thingie. It didn't work out so well.

I missed Rylee a lot today.

I got a little overwhelmed after we got the truck packed. We have a lot to do. The painting alone is pretty tough. If the wide shot sprayer starts working a little better, things will go faster. We could also use the electric roller that Rodney's dad has. The only problem with both of those is how hard they are to clean. I guess that's the price you pay if you want something done fast though. Tomorrow Rylee and I are going over to vaccum (new carpet is spreading fuzz balls all over the hardwoods and throughout the house) and I'm going to roll the rest of the living room by myself. I should be able to get it done.

Things are kind of weird right now. I've had to put a lot of things into perspective and I'm really not sure where that leaves me. I realized today that Rodney and I are pretty much on our own with this stuff. Most people we would ask for help just don't care. It really bothers me because we try really hard to help people when they ask us and even more often when they don't. Rodney offers to help people constantly and I know I'm always volunteering him/us for something. I'm not complaining, I'm just a little sad. I understand that people are busy and have things to do, I really do.

Anyway, I just realized today that we have a lot of work ahead of us. We make a good team though, so I'm pretty sure we'll get it all done.

That was my rant and I'm done complaining. Complaining is stupid and I have a lot to be happy/thankful for.

So back to what I was saying about Rylee. I really missed her today. I missed her as a mother and I missed her as a friend. That might sound weird but you have to understand, I spend my entire day, every day with her. She listens to me talk, she sees me cry, we have breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

When we walked into Rodney's parents house this evening, her face lit up so brightly. She jumped off the couch and said, "MOMMY!!!!!" "DADDY!!!!!!" "HIIIII GUUUUYYYSSSS!!!!!" Then she ran and jumped up into my arms and gave me a huge hug. She kissed me and squeezed my neck. Then she reached over and grabbed Rodney with her other neck and squeezed us both really tightly. She kept kissing each of our cheeks. I started talking to her, asking her if she'd had a good day - she interrupted me and said, "Go home?" It was very cute. I love that girl.

Yay for our new house! I'll be sure to post lots of before and after pictures! Hopefully I will get at least one room painted completely this week. I have 3 orders so we'll have to see what I can do!


Holly said...

If my work schedule weren't so dumb this month (three days work, one day off, lather, rinse, repeat), I'd offer up painting assistance :(

Steph said...

just the fact that you've offered is nice. REALLY nice.

and I've decided, you need to go ahead and get yourself a blog over here. come on, everyone's doing it!


Jessica said...

You know I will help you when I can girly. I won't have this Friday off because I was gone yesterday and stayed home today because I'm not feeling well, but soon stuff should clear up. And we still need to give you your presents!

Krista B said...

The closing for our house was like that too. I look back now, 3 years later, at how hasty I was to just get our signatures on the paper so some last-minute glitch came up and the financing or title company decided to back out. 3 years later, I realize that I know totally *nothing* about the contract; why our mortgage was split 80/20; not that it bothers me, but why? And things were totally spiraling outta control at work (I was still a teller at South) and I'd been out in my drawer over 5 times--2 that were never recovered--from the time we accepted the final offer to the time we closed. We actually asked our agent what would happen if I got fired! 30 days is a LOOOOONG time to close on a house when you don't have money to throw around!!! We were always worried about some last-minute fees or something.

While I'm here, I just wanted to let you know that I started Din N Desserts!, a blog here where I'm going to profile new things I make for dinner meals and new desserts to go with them. I've only posted the introductory blog but I can't wait to get started. I thought your FG blog was one-of-a-kind till I checked out the ones you're linked to; I had no idea everyone and their mother was doing it! Feel free to add or whatever (I haven't yet figured out how to add people....) Talk atcha later!