Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Marriage Meme

I've been tagged, so I'll oblige. Superman Returns is on and we're both burried behind our laptops, so it's a good time.

Where did you meet your husband?

I met Rodney at a little club in Denton called Rubbergloves. My friend Angela was in town from Oklahoma and we were driving to Louisianna the next day to check out the dude I was sort seeing/crushing on play in his band. Rodney plays drums for Man Before Mars and Angela wanted to check them out because his brother (Richie) and the lead singer are in another band that we saw frequently. I knew everyone else in that band/circle for a long time but had never even seen Rodney until that night. After the show my friend Angela told Rodney that it would be really funny to call me a "Doosu whore." (doosu is a band that I used to do merch for/love) When he did, I looked at him like I was REALLY mad. I told him in the most stern voice, "that was a REALLY rude thing to say. you're a jerk." He looked shocked! Angela stood behind him laughing and I stood firm. He started backtracking and telling me that it wasn't a bad thing - he explained that he is a "candy whore" and I should take no offense to it. I broke into laughter and told him it was a joke. After that, I helped him load some stuff and I couldn't help but notice how incredibly cute he was. Soon after we started emailing and eventually hanging out!

What was the first thing you said to your husband?

I think I touched on that a bit in the first question, but before he called me a "doosu whore," I introduced myself.

Where was the first kiss? First date?

Our first kiss was in the bedroom of my apartment on Gaston. There was a bit of secrecy going on in our relationship - my friend kind of liked him, his friends didn't want him seeing anyone because he was going through a divorce. (yes a divorce. they'd been seperated for 6 months) We both ditched a show we were supposed to go to and stayed in. It was raining very heavily that night and hailing even. We had some candles lit and some music on. We'd been talking and hanging out for over a month and our first kiss happened! It was lovely. I don't really know what our first date was - we went to a movie once in the beginning if you can count that. Kill Bill vol. 2! I paid!

Did you have a long courtship?

I suppose not. We'd been dating for a year when we found out we were going to be parents. We'd known since the beginning that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives and this was just something that confirmed it even more!

Where did you get engaged?

I knew Rodney was doing some ring shopping. We'd talked about marriage and deciding if it was the right thing for us to do as a couple. We'd looked at some rings and I found one that I really liked. Rodney set himself up with an indepedant jeweler who helped him customize my ring. He designed it based on the ring I liked but made his own changes based on what he wanted for me. One night we went to the store to get some discount tickets for some event we were going to that weekend and I said I wanted to get some ice cream. Rodney insisted that I not get any ice cream. I asked him why he didn't want me to get any and he said he would take me somewhere to get some. (I was 2 months preggers at the time). We drove into the very old, very beautiful Highland Park area of Dallas. Rodney pulled up to my most favorite house in the entire world. The house I used to drive him by every other day because I loved it so much. It's incredibly old and just...beautiful. He told me something was wrong with his tire and got out to check on it. I looked in the side view mirror and could see him coming up along the side of the truck. He opened my door and got down on one knee -- there he said a bunch of wonderful and romantic things. Private things that only he and I share. He did ask me to marry him though and as we were both crying, I accepted.

Where did you get married?

We decided to have a very small, family only wedding in my parents backyard. We didn't want to spend a lot of money or time on a wedding when the most important thing in our lives was going to happen a few months later. Jess was my right arm during that time, making sure we got everything done from the flowers to the music. 16 people were in attendance that day. Four were close friends. My flowers were beautiful, white callas and pink orchids. I walked down the aisle to "Oh My Love" by John Lennon, we wrote our own very personal vows and were married near sunset.

Flowers! (they didn't have the green tissue paper around them when I carried them)

Handsome man!

Pretty candles!

How did the reception go?

We didn't have one, really! We had a big dinner afterwards at Blue Mesa Grill, complete with wedding cake but that was it and it was fine with me!

How was the honeymoon?

We didn't have a honeymoon persay. We stayed three nights at Zaza
and did fun things during the time were there. Rodney ordered me an in-room massage, we ate at lots of fancy restaurants, took bubble baths and had room service every day! A year later we went on a trip to Playa Del Carmen, it was sort of a belated honeymoon!

Mine is totally boring compared to some, but it's mine, I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Lindsey said...

Not boring at all!!! I love reading these engagement/wedding stories. Maybe it's a girl thing. Thanks for doing the meme. I loved reading this!