Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Help, I need somebody

To get me out of this state!

(this is me being very complain-y and whiney)

It's so hot. It's so hot.

Apparently it was 104 yesterday and 102 today but I feel like it's hotter today.

I just can't live in this heat, my body doesn't function properly. I feel sick to my stomach every time I walk outside, like I'm going to pass right out.

Last night Rylee and I went outside to wait for Rodney to get home. Rylee LOVES going outside, what kid doesn't? She loves waiting for Daddy in the afternoons and because I sent him 40 minutes away to pick up a table for me, he got home pretty late. We went out there after the sun had already set, around 8:40. We were sweating by 8:45. Around 8:50 Rylee pointed at the door and said, "back inside momma." She never does that! Usually we drag her back in kicking and screaming. I couldn't believe how hot we were just from SITTING on the porch. No activity, no walking, just sitting and singing.

Getting her in and out of the car on days like this is not fun either.

I think, at least in this state, there should be underground parking or awnings at places of business for our cars. I know that's probably not as asthetically or enviromentally pleasing but seriously, people die here from the heat.

I'm just sayin'

Anyway, moving on...

I got the best deal on craigslist, ever. I've been wanting to buy a certain dining table from Ikea, I've been saving cake money on my own to buy certain things for the house so that we would have money for other things and I'd planned to buy said dining table this weekend. The one I wanted is $299.

I was having a hard time thinking about parting with that money for some reason. There are some other things I've been wanting to buy, some things that have popped up and I have a hard time waiting. This is a fault of mine, I know. Anyway, I started looking on craigslist the other day, just browsing to see what had been listed.

I happened to spend a bit of time looking through the furniture section and found a listing that had been put up a few weeks ago. A nicer, bigger, more expensive table from Ikea. Just in a different color. I originally wanted something black, this one is birch. I figured I could probably re-finish it if I wanted to. So I emailed the poster about the table asking about how old it was and if there were any visible scratches or dents on it. He said they'd had it for less than a year and they had only used it once or twice because it was too big for them. He said he would sell it to me for $50. I showed Rodney and he told me to get it.

Last night after he picked it up, he gave me a call. I totally expected to hear, "this table sucks, this is why you can't trust people on craigslist, blah blah blah." Instead I got, "um, this table is NICE. you did a really good job."

It's HUGE! I couldn't believe how big it is! There are NO scratches, no dents, no stains, NOTHING. It's really heavy and made pretty well too. Sometimes I get a little skeptical about things from Ikea - some of their items can be a little on the cheap side. Not this table. It retails for $350 and I got it for $50!!! YES!

I'm not going to refinish it, I like the color a lot.

It's standing upright in our bedroom for now. We'll move it after we get our keys Friday. It's 87 inches without the leaf and 105 with it. I'm not sure I will ever use that leaf!

Rylee's cute in her dress.

I love Elton John.


Jessica said...

Dude, one of the episodes on my Muppets Season 2 has Elton John as the guest star. I watched it last night.

So, are the chairs going to be painted since the table is different now?

Steph said...

No, we will have black and red chairs. I like the mis-matched thing. I think it gives it character. I mean, I like all uniform stuff but I'm going for more of an eclectic look. It might look terrible and I might have to chair it but we'll see.

Rodney tivo'd Muppets from Space the other day. How funny!

Also, I have the funniest story for you. I'm going to blog it, you will laugh.