Friday, August 10, 2007

Like Sands Through The Hour Glass...

True incident that occured 11:17 pm, Central Standard Time.

The Place: My kitchen
The Players: Myself, Rodney
On the tv: Old school Beverly Hills 90210

Stephanie: So yeah, all that's left is filling and crumb coating this cake and finishing the fondant on...
Rodney: Hey! What other show was that guy on? (referring to Dylan's dad)
Stephanie: Days of Our Lives
Rodney: (almost instaneously) Yes, he was Roman Brady. The second Roman.


(Stephanie turns to look at Rodney)

Rodney: I mean, I have no idea what show that guy was on.

Is it weird for your husband to know the names and characters of a soap opera?

Not if you know my husband.

In other news, crazy cake week 2007 is nearly over. As I type this the 5th cake is being finished. My (ahem) assistant, is crumb coating and filling the 6th and I will finish that one up tomorrow afternoon. Thank goodnesss for that.

The roof is probably being put on our house tomorrow. The pallets are in the driveway, I can only assume that means it will be put on within a day or so.

We have a busybusybusy weekend ahead of us. Two birthday celebrations, ANOTHER trip to Ikea, a cake to finish and...wait, that might be it. I should get used to busy weekends, the next 2 months are going to be crazy times 100.

I bought Rylee the sheets that will go with her comforter in her new room today. They were on sale at Target. I friggin' love that place. I'm looking for a pillow for her and I'm having a hard time finding one. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't want a regular pillow, I want something small, almost like a decorative pillow but even a little smaller than that. And something that fits in with the style of the comforter (see two posts below). So, I'm open if anyone's got anything for me.

Rylee's getting moved up to the next level in swimming. No more waterbabies, look out aquababies! With this, I'll be in the water with her one or two more times to get her adjusted and then she's on her own. I'll be sitting on the side, but I won't be dancing, singing and swimming with my little girl anymore! I'm glad in some ways - it's such a workout and task to get myself and her dressed when we are sopping wet, it'll be nice to not have to do that anymore. I am sad though, that Rylee and Hannah won't be in the same class any longer. I bet if Hannah were just a little bit older, they would move her. Lisa's going to keep her class on Thursday and Rylee will be in a new class on Thursday as well. Their times are 30 minutes apart but at least we will still be able to hang out afterwards.

Stay tuned for: The crazy thing my kid did to me yesterday at swim class. It involves poop.

I have not gone to bed before 2 this entire week, crazy cake week is killing me!

G'night all!

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HAHAHA. Oh, Rodney.