Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Magic Time Machine

Why on earth are there (so far) SEVEN defective diapers in the box I have open right now?



I just can't even comprehend how that could happen.

I mean, diapers are expensive and my kid can't wear the generic kind. We've tried, believe me. That resulted in giant welps on her tush which I can tell you, she did not appreciate.

I called Pampers to complain and I'm getting some coupons.

Big. Freaking. Deal.

Normally I would have made more of a fuss about it but I'm just so exhausted and stressed from the house stuff that I didn't even have the strength to yell at someone.

there's some weird stuff going on around here

I put the cabinets we just tore out of the house up on craigslist today - apparently I listed them at too low of a price (according to rodney) because I literally got my first email about them not even two minutes after I listed them. They haven't stopped since then. I've responded to 30 or more people to tell them they are gone.

Today for lunch I made Rylee and I some delicious homemade macaroni and cheese. She gobbled it right up. We've been having to eat quickly and easily the last two weeks because we've been at the other house every day and night. I plan on making us a big meal tomorrow night because we could all use it.

I've taken a lot of pictures of the girl lately and no chance to post them. I will, very soon.

I can't believe I'm to plan a party for a 2 year old soon. I'm excited because I love to throw parties and I love to cook but the thought of my daughter turning two in November is tortuous to me. It is nice that she tells me she loves me every 5 minutes though.

And the black and white party is coming.


Jessica said...

What are we thinking for Rylee's party?

Steph said...

So much. I was just looking at some cake design ideas today, matter of fact. Gotta nail down some color options and go from there. I want to do some kid-friendly foods and fun stuff for her party this year.