Sunday, August 26, 2007

Paint Shmaint

I seriously, seriously don't ever want to see a paint brush again.

Unfortunately for me, that's not an option for at least a few more days.

We got a lot done this weekend and that's a really good thing. I was getting really nervous about all of the work ahead of us.

Friday night the power finally got turned on around 10pm. Earlier that evening we had a visit from the Gruver-Hoovers. They came barring gifts. My super awesome best friend and her hubby brought us some really nice stuff. They brought Rylee a really cool sandbox! YES, a sandbox! It's pretty sweet, has a canopy and a cover for the sand. They got Rodney a universal remote for the fan in our new bedroom, which is REALLY, REALLY great. I got a cool mop which Jessica calls "fancy swiffer." It's a broom, mop, hardwood mop and she gave me all of the solutions that go with it. She also gave me some awesome party invitations for the black and white party I plan on having ;)

We went to the house shortly after and everyone had a look around. Amy came with us and after J&J left we started painting. We stayed until 2 and came home to work on the baby shower cake. Somehow we managed to be up until 4:30 working on that cake.

Got up earlyearly Saturday morning, delivered the cake (after a pit stop for coffee) and came back to start working on the house. We painted all day! Rylee and I finally left around 1 am. I fell asleep after showering and woke up at 5am to an empty bed next to me. I freaked a little and got up to find my husband snoozing on the couch. I poked him and found out he'd only been home for 10 minutes. Such a hard worker!

Today we were able to pick up the chair rail for Rylee's room from Lowe's and start working again. All of the painting is done save the kitchen and one wall in the hall bathroom. (the red in that bathroom needs THREE coats) All of the cabinets are out of the kitchen except for the sink and the cabinets under that. (need the sink until the kitchen is painted which will happen tomorrow) I have to do trim and ceiling touch ups and that's all of the painting left!!

Hopefully we'll be able to get a bunch of the cabinets put together this week. When Rylee and I go during the week, I'll do touch ups and start moving stuff over.

I can't wait to be done!

And I REALLY can't wait to do my before and after pictures!

Rylee broke her favorite Baby Einstein video today. :(

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Jessica said...

What did she do to it?

Congrats on getting so much work done! Can't wait to come back and see the progress. Wish I could be more helpful, but at least you've got plenty of stuff to clean up all the messes your work will make. :)