Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Don't drop it

Rylee and I got an early start today.

As soon as she woke up, two hours early in fact, we got ready and hit the door. I stopped by the bank and QT to get some coffee and then we made our way over to the Crate and Barrel Outlet in the industrial district of Dallas. It was hard to keep Rylee from breaking EVERYTHING in site but I did manage to pick up a few things.

I got these bowls, which I love. $2.50 a piece! I'll probably go back and get a few more next week.

A few of these white bowls,

These tiny little spice dishes.

And these dish towels,

I'll probably go back when I have either Rodney or my mom with me. It would be really hard to get my stroller in there (even though I have one of the smallest and lightest umbrella strollers, the Combi) and it was just insanity trying to keep her from touching and grabbing everything. I felt rushed.

Once we left there we stopped over at Tango to see Rodney/Daddy. He wasn't too busy at the time so it was fun for Rylee to run around. And she got to see Amy, which she is always excited about. In fact, we pulled into the parking garage and I said, "Rylee, do you want to see Daddy?" Her response was, "YEAH! AND SEE AMY????"

After we had been there for an hour and we were both getting hungry, we left and headed over to NorthPark. We were close and I figured I could pick Rylee's comforter up and peek in here, here, and here. We grabbed a bite to eat and then headed down to Jacadi to pick up the comforter. I wasn't sure if I was going to have to order it or not but I wanted to go ahead and do that now if that were the case. They had some in the store - it looked a lot different than it does on the site. I thought it was more of a pale purple but it's a dark, deep purple. I also realized that they only come in crib sizes. They make a duvet and I considered getting it but the saleswoman said it wasn't much larger. I mean, it's bigger than the normal crib sized comforters but not very big still. I thought about it for a minute but decided to go ahead and get it.

After Jacadi, I spent some time in Babystyle. Boy did I go in there on the wrong day. Huge sale. Monster sale. I got Rylee this
but it was only $10 and I picked up the butterfly print swimsuit for Hannah that Rylee has. There were so many other things I wanted to get but I had to limit myself.

We went up to Urban Outfitters next. They too were having a giant sale. What is this, sale day?

I poked around and started looking at the linens section. I found a really, really pretty blanket that I immediately thought would be perfect for Rylee's room. It's big, pretty and the same price as the crib blanket I'd bought for her an hour before. I mulled over it for a bit and then headed downstairs to return the Jacadi blanket. That was sort of hard for me. I've been waiting and waiting to buy it for her but I just couldn't justify buying her something so small when she's only getting bigger.

Back up to Urban Outfitters to purchase the new blanket. And here it is ...

The store pictures

At home, a few out of the bag.

Rodney wondered what the point of buying our 21 month old a $100 blanket was. I think, this blanket is one she can grow with. I mean, it's not kiddy but it's girly enough that she can hang onto it for the rest of her life. I probably won't buy her another blanket for a while. I'm glad I went with this one vs. the smaller one from Jacadi. Maybe for the next kid, when we have one. Providing it's a girl anyway.

Once we were done with that, I decided it was time to start heading towards the car. Not without stopping at Anthropologie though.

Again I ask, what is the deal with the sales? Big sale there too. All of the pretty little aprons I love were on sale, dishes, tableclothes, tons of stuff. I rumaged through a bunch of things and decided to wait until after the big Ikea trip this weekend. Better decision. Right decision.

We left the building after spending 3 hours there and as I got up to my car and went to get Rylee out of her stroller, I noticed that she was holding something I did not purchase. I grabbed it out of her hand. At some point during our visit to Anthropologie, Rylee decided she needed this:

I was dumbfounded. I just looked at her and stared for a second. I was standing in the middle of the parking garage at Neiman's, where 2 other cars were waiting it out for my spot and I had just realized that my kid was a thief! I know it's horrible but, I didn't take it back in. I should have, I know. And if she were old enough to realize what she had done, we would have absolutely taken it back in but, it's over 102 today, people were waiting on me and well...I just didn't feel like dealing with the embarassment.

Once I was in the car and was able to take a closer look at it, I figured out that what she had taken was dish soap. A very expensive bottle of dish soap. Lemony-fruit scent dish soap. I looked back at her and said, "Rylee the next time you want to steal something, at least get me something good!"

It's funny to me, I mean she's not even two. But seriously, I do realize that stealing is wrong okay?

I forgot to share the pictures of my pillow covers, here they are.

Rodney is going to pick up the table I bought this afternoon. I'm so very excited about the deal I got on it!

Have you guys had any grapes lately? I've been picking up a bag here and there from Target recently and they are HUGE!

Huge and delicious! Rylee and I eat them all day long!

In my hand

In hers

Having some time off from cakes is really nice. Tomorrow we go looking for curtains!


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a fun shopping trip. I love your blanket choice! Very sweet. I almost bought those cute bowls, too! I think they are the perfect size for ice cream. Yum.

I hope you are surviving that heat. I'm going to stop complaining now--about the yucky heat and humidity.

Holly said...

That blanket is lovely. Totally agreed on the "not too girly" part, and it has enough colors in it that if you wanted to re-decorate her room, there's a million different options to pull accents and colors from, without having to buy a whole new set of something. Investment blanket!

Jessica said...

I love Rylee's bedding! In fact I like it way more than the Jacadi one you showed me. And I'm incredibly jealous of those adorable bowls. I wish I had space for pretty things.

cupcaketastic said...

I love that blanket, if I could buy it in oz I would,I think I might try to make something similar. What a gorgeous little one you have, she sounds so sweet. My little on is a monster. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog and I am listing this one today so I can keep checking back on you.